Designer Bags and Purses

Various Types of Clutch Bags and Purses

It is a simple case or bag, designed to hold women’s personal items. These bags are considered perfect for an evening get-to-gather, event or occasion. The early part of 19th century saw these purses being out of fashion but later on they made a strong revival and presently are considered as a style statement that increases the charm of a woman. Generally speaking, clutch bags are small to medium sized bags that should be carried or clutched in the hand. Due to this reason, it is known as clutch bag. These bags are available in a wide range of designs, styles, colors and materials. In order to provide convenience to the users, leather straps as well as detachable chains are also being added to these purses so that they can be easily hanged around the shoulder.

There has been a lot of improvement in the designs and functionality aspect of these purses. This was necessary to allow modern women to carry wide range of items like wallet, pens, documents, books, magazines, cell phones and similar items of general use. You can get these purses in all sorts of shapes and sizes from small square boxes to those in bead and brocade patterns. To provide a personalized look to a clutch bag, people even decorate them with a wide range of accessories, especially on the front flap. By doing so it becomes more attractive and provides a unique look. To match a purse with their evening gown, you can also use accessories that have colors similar to your gown.

Types of Clutch Bags

Evening Clutch Bags – The purpose of these bags is to compliment with your evening gown and are meant to be worn for formal dinner or special occasions. These bags are available in a wide range of styles and can be clutched in the hand or hanged around the shoulder with chains or straps. By adding a detachable strap to the purse will certainly add versatility to it. To keep things safe and secure it may feature a magnetic snap or a zip closure on top or both.

Designer Clutch Bags – With every passing day, more and more people are becoming fashion conscious and are vying for top designer clutch bags and purses. The reason for this is, these products are being manufactured by using high quality materials and come in attractive designs, unique styles and finishes. These items are designed to suit women of all ages and have enough capacity to store useful items.

Beaded Clutch Bags – These bags are in vogue since long and are available in a wide range of trendy patterns, designs and vibrant color shades. These personalized items are considered as a style statement that reflects the personality of the user and are perfect to be worn for different occasions and functions. Some of the manufacturers are also providing customized beaded bags according to the requirements and personal preferences of the customers. Bridal clutch bags worn by brides are the best example of a beads bag that matches with the color of the brides dress.

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